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Friday food truck Festivals

For the 2023 Food Truck Rally season, Friday Night Rallies have been reimagined, and will now be three themed Food Truck Friday FestivalsEach Friday Festival will have a different theme, reflected through the music and food. With this being a food-themed event, this is the perfect opportunity for your favorite local food trucks to adjust their menu to show off their culinary skills.  The events are designed to celebrate ethnic foods through the food truck industry.  Not all menu items will follow the theme, but a couple of signature items will be offered at these festivals that do. Those themes can be seen below. 


We recommend that you connect with our Facebook page to get updates, hear about special interest stories on our entertainment, get notified about our truck line-up, and get more information about what to know for  attending the events.  And, if you have a suggestion, you can post that as well. 


Here is the link to our Facebook Page!

Arcadia Creek Festival Place, 5:00-10:00pm
June 16 - Latin Fest
July 21 - Covers & More​
August 18 - Blues Fest

Here's a list of our 2023 Food truck Friday festivals

June 16 Participating Trucks -

  1. Cairo's Kitchen

  2. Skinny Kenny's BBQ

  3. Eli's Doces

  4. Coffee Rescue

  5. Teresa's Kitchen

  6. Blue Plate

  7. Smokin' 8's



  1. Alpha1Music

  2. Grupo Fierro

July 21 Participating Trucks -

  1. On The Roll

  2. Lazy Man BBQ

  3. Cairo's Kitchen

  4. Eli's Doces

  5. Pink Ring BBQQ

  6. Coffee Rescue

  7. Teresa's Kitchen

  8. Specialty Cheesecake and Dessert Company



  1. Chick & The Boomers

  2. RockRX

August 18 Participating Trucks - 

  1. Smoked Down BBQ

  2. Scott's Pig Roast

  3. Lazy Man BBQ

  4. Ibison Concessions

  5. Cairo's Kitchen

  6. Eli's Doces

  7. Pink Ring BBQ

  8. Freddy's Food Hut



  1. Crossroads Resurrection

  2. Johnny Burgin

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